About Black Sea Map

Welcome to Black Sea Map, your go-to resource for up-to-date info on financial products in the UAE and beyond. We’re here to make finance simple and easy to understand for everyone. We believe everyone should feel confident about their financial decisions.

Our Background Story

Black Sea Map was founded by a team of financial enthusiasts: Shafique Hussain, Bandar Al Saket, Emily Johnson, and Vijayan Kumar. We saw a big need for clear and reliable financial information and decided to create a platform that makes complex financial products easy to understand. Our name, “Black Sea Map,” represents our mission to guide you through the sometimes confusing world of finance with clear and accurate information.

Why We Created This Website?

Today, understanding finance is more important than ever. With so many financial products out there, it can be tough to make the right choices. We started Black Sea Map to give you the knowledge you need to make smart financial decisions. Our goal is to provide clear, accurate, and complete information to help you feel confident about your financial options.

Our Team

Shafique Hussain

Shafique is a financial strategist with over 10 years of experience. He’s an expert in personal finance and loan products, helping people understand the best ways to manage their money and make smart borrowing decisions. Shafique has worked with various financial institutions, giving him a broad perspective on the industry. His insights are practical and tailored to real-life needs, making complex financial strategies easy to grasp.

Bandar Al Saket

Bandar is a financial analyst who specializes in the Middle Eastern markets. With a deep understanding of regional financial trends and products, he ensures that our content is always relevant to our audience. Bandar has a knack for breaking down complicated financial concepts into simple, actionable advice. He’s passionate about helping people understand their finances better and making informed decisions that fit their unique circumstances.

Adam Ambler

Adam brings a global perspective to our team. He has extensive experience in credit cards and personal loans, having worked with both individuals and businesses to optimize their financial strategies. Adam’s approach is inclusive, ensuring that his advice is comprehensive and applicable across different financial environments. His goal is to make financial planning accessible and straightforward, helping you understand the benefits and pitfalls of various financial products.

Vijayan Kumar

Vijayan is our senior researcher and data analyst, the backbone of our commitment to accuracy. With a strong focus on detail, Vijayan analyzes financial data to ensure all the information we provide is up-to-date and reliable. He has a background in both finance and data science, allowing him to blend rigorous data analysis with practical financial advice. Vijayan’s work ensures that you can trust our recommendations, knowing they are based on the latest and most accurate data available.

Apart from us, we have a team of finance and research champs, who help people in the Middle East with company formation and financial management and also share their research and experiences on black sea map.

Commitment to Quality

At Black Sea Map, we’re committed to giving you accurate and trustworthy information. Our team keeps a close eye on the financial world to bring you the latest updates and insights. We stick to strict editorial standards, making sure every piece of information is accurate and relevant.

Our team’s combined expertise and dedication to accuracy make Black Sea Map a reliable source for financial info. Whether you’re in the UAE or looking for financial solutions in other regions, you can count on us for dependable advice and insights. We’re here to support you on your financial journey, providing the tools and knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Our Vision

We want a world where everyone has the knowledge and tools to achieve financial success. By providing transparent, accurate, and easy-to-understand financial information, Black Sea Map aims to be the top resource for financial education and empowerment. We’re committed to making finance simple for everyone, helping you navigate the financial landscape with confidence and ease.